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She was focusing on the fact that there was a killer dog NOT the fact that the dog was cute before he became a killer. Basically, Cujo is 98% cute, 1% scary, and 1% stupid. I am never going to watch this movie again and I think other people should also not watch it. Every person that owns a dog should dress them up as Cujo for Halloween because DUH. My fellow disgusting human being, please raise your hand if you are one of the lucky ones to have seen The Human Centipede. I applaud you in all that you have been through and all that you endured during your adventure through the darkness and the gut wrenching, indescribable acts of this movie. I do have a very important question to ask you, if I may. Why the fucking hell did you put yourself through this movie. I guess we all have our own reasons for being absolutely disgusting. Alas, if you haven't seen this movie and you have something going on in your life that you think is miserable, give this movie a try. You'll never think negatively about yourself again. Okay, do people ever actually do that in real life or just in movies. They use the phone of this doctor guy, who, you know, is inventing the human centipede. Trendy as heck. Eventually he finds the perfect way to connect them all by cutting out their knee caps so they can't stand and staple mouth to ass for the digestive system to be interlocking. EAT SHIT. Literally.

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Release of elements from some gold alloys and amalgams in corrosion. Comparative studies of in vivo genotoxic effects of cadmium chloride in rat brain, kidney and liver cells. Mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and teratogenicity of beryllium. Effect of titanium on selected oral bacterial species in vitro. Biocompatibility testing of dental alloys with human gingival fibroblasts (abstract). Google Scholar Leyhausen G, Sapotnik A, Bumgardner J, Geurtsen W ( 1998 ). Influence of extraction media on cytotoxicity of various alloys (abstract). Google Scholar Locci P, Becchetti E, Pugliese M, Rossi L, Lilli C, Calvitti M, et al. ( 1996 ). Metal substrates influence the release of glycosaminoglycan and transforming growth factor by human bone cells. Soft tissue response to implants of gallium alloys and silver amalgam alloys. Indium and iridium allergy in patients exposed to dental alloys. Google Scholar Mau J, Richter G, Schneider S, Schwickerath H (1998). Evaluations of metabolic activities as biocompatibility tools: a study of individual ions' effects on fibroblasts. Decreased consumption of Ca and P during in vitro biomineralization and biologically induced deposition of Ni and Cr in presence of stainless steel corrosion products. Antimicrobial activity of amalgams, alloys and their elements and phases. Veterans administration cooperative studies project No 147, Part IV: Biocompatibility of base metal alloys.


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Her father, the eminent sociologist Erving Goffman (who died when she was a baby), posed as an employee of a mental hospital for a year to research his 1961 study, “ Asylums. Her mother, Gillian Sankoff, is a sociolinguist at the University of Pennsylvania who has done studies in Papua New Guinea and French Canada; her adoptive father, the sociolinguist William Labov, also at Penn, has done pioneering field research on African-American urban vernacular, among other subjects. By her sophomore year at Penn, she had moved full time to a mixed-income African-American neighborhood and was hanging out on a tough strip, fully immersing herself in local culture. While drugs, and drug selling, pervaded the neighborhood, she did not use them, she writes, partly because “it hampered writing the field notes. . It may sound “absurd” now, Ms. Goffman said of her extreme immersion. “But I was trying to take the participant-observer approach as seriously as possible. . We learn about who is doing the work, what the work is like and what the culture is. The reporter gets a job in one of these places and describes the physical and emotional toil (although she meets some who really like the work). While you might imagine the way items are stored in those warehouses is incredibly ordered, she describes how it’s essentially random, while “pickers” who are preparing an order carry a handheld device that directs them item after item to each holding bin at random locations through the warehouse, counting down the seconds it has calculated for them to reach the next item. That was the deal: you didn’t have to get off the couch, but you had to wait. Now, increasingly, the stuff we buy on the Internet shows up the next day or the same day, sometimes within hours. Which got us wondering: How is this Internet voodoo possible. In this short, reporter Mac McClelland travels into the belly of the beast that is the Internet retail system, and what she finds takes her breath away and makes her weak in the knees (in the worst way). You’re familiar with a dozen programming languages, tons of helpful libraries, standards, protocols, what have you.


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Based in Atlanta, Devine's productions have the rigid breakbeat swing of prime electro recordings, but also a high degree of DSP (digital signal processing) magic in keeping with Schematic's acknowledged heroes, Autechre. After EPs for a sublabel of Woody McBride's Drop Bass Network and the Devine EP on Schematic, the producer began getting a reputation in advanced electronics circles with remixes (of material by Aphex Twin, Chris Deluca, Slicker, and Schematic's own Phoenecia) as well as compilation appearances (Ischemic Folks and Lily of the Valley, both on Schematic). His music is best described as an amalgamation of hip-hop, electronica and IDM. Deru started producing music in high school and later obtained a degree is music technology from CalArts. Ben collaborated on a dance score for the Paris Opera Ballet with classical composer Joby Talbot in 2008, and like his other releases, this piece embodies a synergy and culmination of various musical influences. No strangers to tweaking everything within earshot, Acid Circus have mastered the art of live performance: Dropping original music, custom remixes, re-edits, and samples from both current and classic tracks, their unique and aggressive mix of electro, house, and every strain of techno in between has blurred the lines of dj set and live act. Their releases have been charted and heavily played by techno heavyweights Speedy J, Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin. She specializes in the software program Ableton Live and became one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers in 2008. In 2009 she worked with Cirque du Soleil on their production “Viva Elvis” as an Ableton programmer, toured Europe with acclaimed world music band Niyaz, was a tour consultant for Kayne West and recorded violin on East West’s Quantum Leap Silk sound library. A Renaissance artist for the New Age, Laura’s mastery of cutting edge musical technologies and experimental techniques, complemented with her classical training and experience performing in symphony orchestras, sets her apart in a class of her own. Her solo project encompasses a myriad of genres, utilizing live electronics, synthesis, found sounds, samples and violin affected by hardware and software. With influences ranging from minimal painting to cinema, his work offers a re-envisioned perspective on the graphic stratas that saturate our visual perception. His meticulously constructed abstract artworks push the boundaries of audio-visual composition and process using a dynamic mix of cinematographic and synthetic imagery. On their 2008 debut album Emergence, Trifonic combines elements of down-tempo electronica, IDM, post-rock and classical music to create a deep, lush musical experience distinctly their own. In his words, “controllerism is just like turntablism, but instead of using turntables and mixer to make music, I use software and a controller”. Moldover’s DIY controllerism youtube videos have gone viral, inspiring and educating hundreds of thousands of music makers who are seeking “the next big thing. In addition to his awesome music, Moldover’s new album has a hand-made light theremin unit built right into the CD case, perfect for aspiring controllerists to play and make their own music with.


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No Shoes. No Service. Hmm, I guess pants are optional. No Sicilian can refuse any request on his daughter's wedding day. No Silicon Heaven? Then where do all the calculators go? No Sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again! No Taglines Allowed -- Violators will be Prostituted! No Trees. No Paper. Go wipe your ass on a spotted owl. No WANNA learn nother language; 'nuff trouble wid dis 1. No Way! Not even with BOTH hands, AND a flashlight! No Wesley, you CAN'T catch Nanites from sitting on toilet seats! No William F.


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Venezuela rivals to hold talks: Venezuela s embattled government and opposition leaders agreed Monday to hold extended talks aimed at defusing the nation s increasingly tense political crisis. Vatican representative Claudio Maria Celli said in statement that the two sides have agreed to a Maduro national dialogue plenary meeting beginning next month. The two sides will meet on Nov 11, officials announced Monday, after an hours-long session on the outskirts of Caracas to negotiate the framework for the dialogue. That meeting is to be followed by long-term talks that aim to resolve months of social upheaval and bitter political division. Officials from the Vatican, which mediated the breakthrough, said the topics outlined in the agenda include: respect for rule of law and government sovereignty; human rights and reconciliation; economic and social affairs; and a timetable for holding elections. Participants in Sunday s talks included the UNASUR regional group, led by its secretary general, former Colombian president Ernesto Samper. A recent poll found that more than 75 percent of Venezuelans disapprove of their deeply unpopular president, the handpicked successor to late socialist leader Hugo Chavez. Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro blame him for an economic crisis that has caused food shortages and riots in the oil-rich country and want to hold a referendum on removing him from office. Maduro s opponents have vowed to use their majority in the legislature to declare that the leftist leader has abandoned his post and have been threatening to hold a political trial against him. Maduro has responded by threatening to throw his political enemies in jail, accusing the opposition of trying to overthrow the government through unconstitutional and undemocratic means. (AFP). A new report from UNICEF says about a third of the 2 billion children in the world who are breathing toxic air live in northern India and neighboring countries, risking serious health effects including damage to their lungs, brains and other organs. Of that global total, 300 million kids are exposed to pollution levels more than six times higher than standards set by the World Health Organization, including 220 million in South Asia. For the Indian capital, the alarming numbers are hardly a surprise. New Delhi s air pollution, among the world s worst, spikes every winter because of the season s weak winds and countless garbage fires set alight to help people stay warm. Even days before the city erupted in annual fireworks celebrations for the Hindu holiday of Diwali, recorded levels of tiny, lung-clogging particulate matter known as PM Chowdhury 2. were considered dangerous Friday at well above 300 micrograms per cubic meter.


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If we do not have money left over at the end of the year, we know we have failed. We are trying to be as responsible as average Canadians are with their finances. We had the financial crisis and the subsequent great recession, the largest recession we have seen in North American history since the Great Depression. I hope members appreciate that this member is trying to bring out some of the points that are important to helping to bring us forward. Many of those families are running small and medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of job creation for our Canada. More important, or equally important, the workers at all of their stores and all of their enterprises would pay less for the next three years. We are ensuring that there will be the ability for families to spend money on other things too. Note a l'acheteur: certaines renovations s'imposent. L'information, les contre-pouvoirs et une saine representativite sont du nombre des ingredients d'une democratie. They are sending the message to Canadians, and to the world, that this House is now useless, since the decisions of its members are no longer subject to debate. Need I remind the government that debate and information are essential to the survival of democracy. Information, checks and balances, and meaningful representation are some of the necessary components of a democracy. I may be repeating myself, but just as we did with the three budget bills, we are opposing Bill C-4, because of both its content and the process used by the Conservatives. Introducing bills of this magnitude with such a broad scope and allocating so little time to consider them undermine the work of Parliament by preventing members from thoroughly studying the bill and its implications. Once again, the Conservatives are trying to keep Canadians in the dark and change a large number of laws without holding actual consultations. At this stage, we have the obligation to ask questions. I will not dwell on the details of this bill because that would be virtually useless, given the short time allotted to us.


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I agree. I know They have been saying LSH is not coming back, but they also said that Jon was dead. I do believe that LSH was resurrected three days after the Red Wedding, just like in the books but they kept her out of the show. There were rumors that Michelle was spotted in Belfast wearing a cloak, idk if it's true or not. She wouldn't even have skin still attached to her bones in the show so it's impossible. Who the hell knows why they even have the Brotherhood on the show. The show puts so much pointless shit in and rushes over the important stuff. There were rumors that Michelle had been spotted around Belfast. I personally think she was alive for awhile (brought to life in different way from Beric's sacrifice) and she has been ordering Lemoncloak and other BWBs around. May by years he also meant when Robb freed him from Jaime when they won the battle. Or may be they can show that Thoros resurrected her too. Then you should definitely wait till the series is over. Because after reading the books, You will know the things the show is missing, you will start wishing these things were in the show too, Like Arya being more badass in the books, Lady Stoneheart etc. My ? is whats going to happen next UBM thank for the comment back. I might now wait or watch season 7. hich I hope HBO doesn't cancel fat dude needs the finish he's next book Ultimate Book Maniacs 2 ?